Data Visualization Labs

Experiment #1: Visualizing a single series of data

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.07.59 AM

The visualization technique I chose to model a single set of data was a bar graph. I used data from CNN Money to display the total annual tuition cost per year (as of 2015) of the top 10 most expensive colleges in America. A bar graph was suited for this data because it allows easy identification of the maximum and minimum data values. A line graph would have also functioned in the same way. One can visualize this data as a physical object or machine by accruing the amount in dollars (perhaps in values of $100 bills) for each college and comparing the differences between the stacks.

Processing Code:

Experiment #2: Visualizing the comparison of multiple sets of data

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.31.37 PM

For visualizing multiple sets of data, I modeled the components of Data Science using a Venn diagram (taken from Drew Conway’s Data Science Venn Diagram). This visualization technique is appropriate because data science is a field which encapsulates several broader data analysis fields (i.e. statistics, mathematics, computer science). Thus, a Venn diagram facilitates summarization of the different components which make up data science, as each individual field that comprises data science has overlap with the other fields.

Processing Code:

 Experiment #3: Animated Visualization

For the animated visualization, I made a type of weather widget that displays the weather in New York, Montreal, Denver, and Los Angeles. I used a site called Temboo to configure the XML readings from Yahoo Weather. If you press any button, the location and the background changes according to the forecast.

Processing Code:

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