Final Project: Week 1

For my final project, I decided to make a MIDI drum glove which hooks up to FL Studio (inspired by this). The target audience is anyone interested in music development or MIDI devices, or anyone who likes playing with drums. The glove solves an existing need in the sense that it functions as a set of drum samples, essentially replicating a drum set. This can also be viewed as enhancing an existing interaction or human behavior (i.e., either tapping your fingers or playing the actual drums). Besides some additional soldering and the glove, the other parts required are either a FLORA or GEMMA Arduino wearable electronics platform (~$25) that connects to the Arduino, and sensors for the glove fingertips. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to use FSR’s (i.e., to control volume of the sound based on pressure), piezo buzzers, or flex sensors to detect the fingertip movement that triggers the drum sample. I am working solo, so the division of labor is all me.

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