Final Project: MIDI Controller Glove

I changed my idea to a drum sample glove to a general MIDI controller glove which you can use with any software synthesizer (DAW).



I also bought felt, sewing supplies, and a soldering iron.

The Process

I tested the piezo elements with my Arduino Uno using this simple program, and they all work correctly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.00.33 PM

I tried putting the piezos inside the glove, to hide the wires, but it made the glove too impractical and uncomfortable to wear.

Sewing the piezos onto the glove:


After soldering and using heat shrink tubing to add the 1M-ohm resistor to the piezo wires, I found that none of the circuits worked (they kept reading 0 in the Serial Monitor). I assumed this was because of my poor soldering skills, but it turns out the resistors were the problem – once I removed them, the analog values registered. So I started all over again and stripped the wires, soldering them directly to the FLORA.

Finally, once everything was connected, I tested the FLORA with Arduino software. This was where the real technical problems began (see Challenges). Once I managed to get Arduino to recognize the FLORA library, I tested the glove with a program that associates the knocks from the piezos to keyboard letters.

I imported the Teensyduino add-on for Arduino, which converts analog input to MIDI signal for the Adafruit FLORA. It worked perfectly. I then sewed the FLORA to the glove, and tested the new MIDI device with Garageband!



Configuring the Arduino application to the FLORA was by far the most challenging task. Upon adding the third-party FLORA board to my Arduino boards library, I kept getting this compile error:

…Arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.6.11/cores/arduino/CDC.cpp: In function ‘bool CDC_Setup(USBSetup&)’:
…Arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.6.11/cores/arduino/CDC.cpp:104:29: error: ‘MAGIC_KEY_POS’ was not declared in this scope
uint16_t magic_key_pos = MAGIC_KEY_POS;
…Arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.6.11/cores/arduino/CDC.cpp:129:34: error: ‘MAGIC_KEY’ was not declared in this scope
*(uint16_t *)magic_key_pos = MAGIC_KEY;
Error compiling.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.31.48 AM

It took several downloads of previous versions of Arduino, along with multiple installations of different versions of the FLORA board library, and a lot of desperate Internet searching until it finally worked.

Then, Arduino wouldn’t recognize the Serial USB port connected to the Flora, which I discovered was because of Mac 10.9 Yosemite not having the correct FDTI drivers. This required additional installation of drivers and even more Googling.


coming soon

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